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Are you struggling with an infected, broken, or partially erupted tooth? It may be time to consider alternative courses of action. There are times when certain teeth no longer benefit our smiles; and sometimes, those teeth need to be removed by a professional for your continued health. The team at Advance Dental Clinic is here for you when you suspect you or your loved ones need tooth extractions in Catonsville, MD.

Many of our patients feel apprehension at the idea of undergoing tooth removal procedures. However, the truth is that tooth extraction is a very common and necessary option, especially when the tooth in question is causing trouble in your mouth. Plus, our family dental practice offers sedation dentistry options for those that prefer to minimize their discomfort. Rest easy knowing you'll feel as little as possible during your tooth extraction.

Why Choose Advance Dental Clinic for Tooth Extractions?

  • Sedation Dentistry for Patients of All Ages
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Why Do I Need a Tooth Extraction?

Woman holding her cheek in pain needing tooth extractions in Catonsville

There are many scenarios in which our patients require tooth extractions. Generally, teeth need to be removed when allowing them to remain could put your health at risk. For example, infected teeth with rotten pulp are sometimes impossible to save. Additionally, teeth that are cracked, chipped, or broken beyond repair often require professional tooth extraction.

However, there are also cases where perfectly healthy and intact teeth need to be removed. Wisdom teeth, for instance, are removed from teenagers and adults throughout the country every day. This is because wisdom teeth tend to erupt painfully, as well as force existing teeth to shift. Many people undergo this kind of tooth extraction at some point in their lives.

Talk to a Tooth Removal Dentist Today

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If you suspect a tooth in your mouth needs to be removed, schedule a consultation at our dental office before you make any decisions. A tooth removal dentist can help you better understand your situation, as well as recommend the best course of action for your health and your finances. Oral surgery may be necessary, and we offer plenty of sedation options to help keep you comfortable throughout your procedure.

If the tooth removed from your mouth is an essential part of your smile, be sure to ask the Advance Dental Clinic staff about replacing it with a dental bridge. Dental bridges are useful restorative dentistry devices that provide the support and protection you need to feel confident about your grin. Once your tooth extraction procedure is complete, our dentist will help you explore your tooth replacement options.