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Dental Crowns in Catonsville, MD

If you've ever damaged or lost an adult tooth, you're familiar with the embarrassment and inconvenience that comes with a damaged smile. It can be difficult to do the things you once did on a daily basis, as chewing, drinking, and speaking can suddenly become challenging. Thankfully, you don't have to settle for an imperfect grin. Instead, talk to Advance Dental clinic to learn more about dental bridges and dental crowns.

In Catonsville, MD, our family dental clinic creates realistic, long-lasting dental devices for patients that are tired of hiding their teeth. Bridges and crowns can make many activities easier, as well as restore your confidence. Schedule your appointment at our clinic today to learn how our team can connect you with the restorative dental services you need to look and feel your best.

New Dental Crown in Catonsville, MD

What Are Tooth Crowns?

Crowns are useful dental devices made to fit over the tops of your teeth. Most tooth crowns are custom made; this ensures they fit on your teeth snugly and look as realistic and natural as possible amongst your other teeth. Generally, crowns are made of porcelain; however, they can be made of different materials. Talk to your dentist to learn which material is right for your smile.

There are many reasons to opt for dental crowns. However, some of the most common involve protecting and restoring sensitive or damaged teeth. A crown fitted over the top of a vulnerable tooth can help shield it from potential trauma caused by eating and drinking. Additionally, if the tooth in question causes problems with your speech, a cap can help remedy your speaking troubles.

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We Also Offer Dental Bridges

If you're interested in restoring your smile with dental crowns, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with a restorative specialist at Advance Dental Clinic. However, if you're looking to remedy a large gap caused by a broken or altogether missing tooth, you may be better off asking about dental bridges. Bridges are excellent options for patients interested in permanent fixes for empty spaces in their mouths.

Bridges are dental devices designed to fit over the teeth on either side of a gap, effectively creating a "bridge" of sorts in your mouth. In the middle of this bridge goes a prosthetic tooth. Most bridges are ceramic bridges, though some dentists use other materials. Ask a member of our team about your options, and be sure to ask about other services we offer that can help restore your smile to its original condition.

Contact our team to request more information about dental crowns and bridges. We proudly serve families in Catonsville, Ellicott City, Clarksville, Columbia, and Elkridge, MD.